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Because you're three times more likely to be injured at your new job in the first month. 

Because young workers have a long life ahead of them and we want to keep it that way.

Because there is a lot to know and you can find it here.

Because life is amazing-  Parachute wants you to stay safe at work, so you are #safe4life.

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Are you a visual learner? We get that. Check out some key videos on injury prevention and workplace safety.

YouTube Influencer Michael Rizzi gave us his thoughts on #safe4life. Ever had an experience like his? Watch the video for more and let us know on social with #safe4life!

The power of friendship is one that can't be denied. Listen to Allie's message for her motivation to stay #safe4life.

Check out Regent Park TV's series on Youth at Work- this video features tips from leading experts in workplace safety.

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Ask Us Anything

The worst question is the one you don't ask. Starting work means a lot of questions, sometimes with not enough answers. Asking questions is a great way to learn the job and add to your own knowledge- read some of the Q&As young workers have asked us, or even ask your own.

Nothing is off topic or out of bounds- we work with health and safety experts to get you the best answer. Follow us on Instagram @parachutecanada for our weekly answer posts.



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What You Need To Know

From getting your first job, to prepping for the first day of work, staying #safe4life is at the top of your list. We've narrowed down some of the essentials for you- check it out and get on top of what you need to know. From break times to minimum wage, rights to wrongs, you'll find it here.


We love a good story, and bet you do too. Bonus points when someone else's experience can keep you #safe4life. Read stories from youth just like you, and feel free to send us your story about your first job experience. We'll read it and post it here- catch us at

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Keep up with everyone who's keeping #safe4life. For questions about the campaign, email us at

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